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Turn your CV into a Digital Profile

For people that want transparency, control, and privacy

while job hunting. Get personalised matches and

progress updates. Free forever.


Digital Profile is great to find jobs that match your skills and

qualifications. Having personalised job alerts makes searching so

much easier! Plus with no middle man your application goes straight


to the employer.


“The world of work is changing, and traditional CVs are outdated -

Digital Profile is a great platform, especially for those just starting

their career, as it allows you to really showcase your skills in a

meaningful way. From a hiring perspective, I can easily find all the

information I'm looking for in one place and more accurately match


candidates to the skills that are most important.”


Why Digital Services?

Making the transition to digital services by replacing the reliance on

paper forms and improving the overall user experience has benefits

to both organizations/agencies as well as customers/end users.

These include:

. Reduced costs

. Reduced time to market

. Improved efficiency

. Higher transparency

. Full audit ability along with high levels of customer service.

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